Friday, August 14, 2015


I was blessed this week to be asked to spend it with the Loughridge family in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. When they asked me several months ago, I thought of a million different excuses not to go. The heat being the biggest issue. Those of us with MS cannot handle the heat, right? Travel was another issue. It's just not easy to travel when you have MS, right? Walking to and around the things you want to do is really hard, right? Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! You have to live gloriously, and you can. Life is too short not to. Just be smart about your trips. Take advantage of carts in airports, wheelchairs, motorized scooters, cool clothing - whatever you need, but for goodness sake live. The heat in Houston this summer has been absolutely ridiculous. I have sat in my apartment during the day and watched my friends do things that looked fun. No more. I will just be smart. And I will continue to DREAM OUT LOUD! -Trace

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