Friday, January 16, 2015


Ironman Texas is only 119 days away. Brandon Loughridge and Tyler Blanton have grabbed this bull by the horns and are really taking control of it. Besides their extremely intense daily training regimen, after their first half marathon, their training schedule includes the MS 150 and the Woodlands Marathon before the big race on May 16, 2015. They have garnered the attention and support of so many people. It is just overwhelming to me. They have honored me beyond words by participating in this race in my name. In fact, they are so serious and dedicated to this endeavor that Brandon has already bought his tri-bike (pictured above) with his own money and without being concerned with whether their fundraising efforts will come through to assist them in paying for all of this. Theirs is amazing dedication. What absolutely amazes me, astonishes me and astounds me is that I know one hundred percent that these boys are not doing a bit of this, not one iota, for personal recognition. They are doing it for me and for others who are fighting some challenge that they face. They are doing this to remind us that we are not alone. They're doing this to remind us to stay strong. How very very rare for a 20 and 22-year-old. I encourage and invite each of you to read this amazing story from the boys’ mouths at If you are able to financially support them in any way, please do. Join us in this journey. Join us in positivity and happiness. Stay tuned for updates on Brandon and Tyler’s incredible journey. And KEEP DREAMING OUT LOUD! -Trace

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I recently told you about two amazing young men, Brandon Loughridge and Tyler Blanton, who have honored me beyond words by taking on IronMan Texas 2015 in my name. They have pursued this in addition to heavy college work and their other obligations in life with a gusto that is rare to be seen, especially in people their age. Well last weekend, they officially kicked off their commitment by participating in their first half marathon. And they finished it in AMAZING time and in grand fashion. I so regretted that I was unable to be at the event for them and expressed that to them. They assured me that I was with them EVERY step of the way and sent me the picture of my name on their wrists. Wow. Just wow. These boys constantly surprise and amaze me. Not only that, they have approached their commitment with such compassion and devotion that they have drawn the attention of many. They have taken it upon themselves to honor others who face and fight challenges, along with me. They created a Facebook event called “Trace’s Big Race – Team Inspiration” and in just over 24 hours, more than 100 people plan to attend. Hopefully, they will all meet me at the finish line and recognize this amazing accomplishment, not just athletically, but for how many people they have touched and affected by this incredible gift. This goes along with everything we have always said. Positivity breeds happiness, health and a life full of joy. These boys’ gift to me has made me renew my own commitment to push myself a little further in the gym – and in life. I encourage and invite each of you to read this amazing story from the boys’ mouths at If you are able to financially support them in any way, please do. I ESPECIALLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO TAKE THE TIME TO READ THE ENTIRE STORY AND ALL OF IT’S UPDATES. Join us in this journey. Join us in positivity and happiness. Stay tuned for updates on Brandon and Tyler’s incredible journey. And like Brandon, Tyler and me- KEEP DREAMING OUT LOUD! -Trace

Monday, October 27, 2014


When I started this amazing adventure back in 2010, I had no idea how many people would have such a truly significant and profound impact on my life. This is especially illustrated as two of our young people, Brandon Loughridge and Tyler Blanton, have committed to fulfill a dream of mine in my place. This is not to say that I do not continue to have that dream and that I hope to someday accomplish it, but these young men have committed to race the 2015 Ironman Texas in my name. Amazing. It is quite easy to say that you want to do something, but another matter entirely to actually do it. In a few short months, I have seen these young men transform themselves and train with true passion and dedication. They are both college students (with economics and architecture majors – not light study loads), yet they take time each day to train hard to make sure that they will accomplish this dream … my dream. I’m so proud of these young men. While I have known Brandon since he was in high school, I met Tyler the day before last year’s MS150, where he and Brandon road in my name. The compassion and dedication of these men has truly touched me. Their desire to help others selflessly is astounding. Because the costs associated with equipment and training for a race such as Ironman is extensive and because these are college students, they have even taken it upon themselves to start a fundraising campaign. When I read Brandon and Tyler’s fundraising site, I nearly fell out of my chair. Not only do they want to raise the money necessary to get their equipment and training materials, they want to raise a substantial amount for multiple sclerosis research. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, our young people absolutely amaze me. Please take a moment to go to their site and read their amazing story. I assure you that it will put a smile on your face and foster the positivity that we have always talked about here. If you’re able to please donate something, anything, to this worthy and noble cause. The site is Please join our team in supporting these fine young men.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I know that I JUST posted but while I was posting my new blog, Brandon posted this on Facebook. I have to share. My point is made: I have a dear friend who was diagnosed in 1999 with Multiple Sclerosis, and over the past 5 years I have gotten a first hand look at what it can do to the human body. When Trace came into my life for the first time during my senior year of high school, I immediately knew that our relationship would flourish. My senior year of high school, I had the opportunity to do the CB&I Triathlon with Trace and some friends from school. Not only was it an incredible experience, but an event that had a profound impact on my life. As Trace and I starting becoming more knowledgeable about one another, I slowly came to understand the everyday battle he fights just to live. A year later, I found myself riding and finishing the MS150 with Trace. To this day, that is one of the best moments of my life. To see a man, who is beating the odds against a disease that was supposed to kill him years ago, finish a race that was almost impossible for him. This past year, I found out that Trace's health wasn't gonna let him do it again. It didn't take long for me to commit to riding it for him. This time, I had the chance to bring my roommate, Tyler, along. Again, it was a bittersweet moment when we approached the finish line and saw Trace standing there waiting for us to finish. Before we crossed the line, Tyler and I decided to pull to the side to give him a hug. As tears filled my eyes, I realized how much of an impact we had made on this mans life just by riding in his spot. It wasn't long after the MS150 that I had the chance to sit down and talk with Trace about the one thing that he has always wanted to do. Quickly, he replied: "The Ironman". My mind was blown. My immediate thoughts were those of doubt. After 5 years of seeing what MS has done to his body, I knew that his dreams are slipping out of his reach. After extensive thinking, praying, and conversing with those around me, I knew what I wanted to do. I committed myself to doing Ironman Texas 2015 in Trace's place. My purpose of doing this isn't to generate a response from people, but to do it for a man that I love dearly and the disease that he fights. 318 days from now, Tyler and I hope to cross the finish line and embrace a man that has shown us what the value of life really is. If you're reading this, my hope is that YOU will come along (with support) and be apart of this journey with us. KEEP DREAMING OUT LOUD! -Trace


When we started this great adventure in 2010, I had no idea how much the individuals that joined with me would change and touch my life. I had no idea how deep the friendships that I made would become. I had no idea how much I would enjoy this experience. I am truly a Blessed man. Perhaps the thing that has touched and impressed me the most is how our super-jocks have responded and truly taken me on as their “project”. This year, Brandon Loughridge and Tyler Blanton rode the MS150 for me. They stopped before the finish line to see me and the moment that I had with them is something that I will never forget. After that ride, they informed me that in 2015 they were doing … (wait for it) … IronMan Texas for me! They know that I have always dreamed of doing a full IronMan. Brandon reminded me that we are a team and that he and Tyler were just doing the racing for me and the team. Wow. Just wow. Our young people continue to amaze and impress me. Thank you guys. So very much. KEEP DREAMING OUT LOUD! -Trace By the way, doing an IronMan is NOT cheap, especially for college students. The equipment costs and entry fees are extensive. If anyone would like to help them financially, email me at and I will be more than happy to put you in touch with these fine young men.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


I have been so fortunate to have been Blessed with so many TRUE friends. You know – people who stay with you through the good and the bad. People who expect nothing from you except for your friendship in return. People who you might not talk to for years and then, when you do, you feel like you spent time with them yesterday. You do not get to keep your friends just because you made them years ago. You have to earn your friendships every day. That is a privilege. My friendships have given me the strength to continue to fight and beat MS. This goes hand in hand with the positivity that we have talked about for years. Chose to be around people that lift you up and do not tear you down. As hard as it may be, remove people from your life that are not real, true, genuine friends or limit your exposure to them to the extent that you can. It truly makes a huge difference. KEEP DREAMING OUT LOUD- -Trace

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Wednesday nights in the Spring and Fall are my favorite nights of the week. I get to kayak Lake Conroe during the FSR IronMan practice swim. It gives me time to think and reflect in an amazing setting. Last night I was thinking about a movie. I love the movie The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. There is a line in it that we should all apply to our lives. “If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.” True, huh?! One of my best friends just took an incredible new job. He got out of school about 4 years ago, has been recruited heavily to various jobs, each time better than the previous one. Compared to the job he began in, in four short years he has now exceeded it many times in terms of salary, prestige of firms and responsibility, making a path for himself for a meteoric future. He refuses to fight for his limitations. Had he stayed with his original employer, he surely would have withered on the vine as that firm is now doing. Shouldn’t we all handle MS or really any of life’s challenges that way? Don’t fight for our limitations. Fight to leave them behind. Fight to better ourselves in every aspect that we possibly can. Fight for a better life. Good to talk to you again and KEEP DREAMING OUT LOUD! -Trace