Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am truly honored and humbled to have been given an opportunity by Tom Gonzalez and the folks at Biogen Idec to speak at a program in Clear Lake last night. When I started this great adventure three years ago (HOLY COW! IT’S BEEN THREE YEARS), my goal was to complete a triathlon without killing myself. Little did I know what amazing things were in store for me. Last night is a perfect example. Although the experience is really universal, I will talk about one person. When she got to the event, she used her walker and the best way that I can describe the way she looked is by using the words tired and on empty. I mean absolutely no disrespect with this description. We have all been there, done that, bought THAT t-shirt. When she came to say goodbye to me before she left, there was an obvious and unmistakable look of hope on her face. That beautiful glint was in her eye. The quality of her life had already, instantly, improved. Mind boggling. This is where the importance of Dreaming Out Loud is so apparent. Think of it as starting a campfire. I mean the old fashioned way and not with a gallon of lighter fluid. It starts with a spark and then, as you fan the flame, move the kindling and work with it, it becomes a full fledged fire. If you just create the spark and leave it untended, the fire will most assuredly never start and the spark will just go out. The gleam of hope in someone’s eye requires work. Not just by the person who is fostering the dream, but by everyone who learns of it. Foster and nurture the dream through positive encouragement. Share in the creation of a beautiful fire. It has been a while since I posted a blog. I have not wanted to rehash old ideas. I wanted to share something new and exciting. That unmistakable look of hope was pretty freakin new and exciting. Just sayin. KEEP DREAMING OUT LOUD! -Trace


  1. This is why I enjoy finish line announcing at races. I get the chance to cap off everyone's performance as well as I can by recognizing who they are - and, if lucky enough, maybe even something about them.

  2. Awesome, Trace. You are doing important work in giving hope to others.

  3. What you do is awesome, leave it to you, even with your own life's challenges, here you are going about thinking of and helping're awesome, just awesome...

    1. Thank you so much my dear friend!!!!! I said it last night--Having MS has been a HUGE blessing for me! Go figure!